V. Special arrangements for fighting dogs/dangerous dogs/guide dogs

A. Control of fighting dogs

It is an offence (punishable by a fine of $50,000 or six months imprisonment) to import an unlicensed fighting dog into Hong Kong. The following breeds of dog are classed as fighting dogs:Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Braziliero or any cross breed of these types (schedule 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Regulation). Where a dog has been classified by the AFCD as a fighting dog, the keeper has 14 days to apply to the Dogs and Cats Classification Board for a re-classification in accordance with section 17(1) of the Dangerous Dogs Regulation.

B. Control of dangerous dogs

A person may complain to a magistrate that a dog is dangerous and not being kept under proper control. Under section 5(1) of the Dogs and Cats Ordinance, a magistrate may order that the dog be destroyed or kept under effective control. If the person to whom the order is made does not comply with the order he may be fined $500 for every day on which he fails to comply with the order, according to section 5(3) of the Dogs and Cats Ordinance.

Under section 10 of the Dangerous Dogs Regulation, a magistrate may also order that a dog be classified as a “known dangerous dog” where a person has died or suffered serious bodily injury (requiring inpatient treatment in a hospital) from an attack by the dog. An order that the dog be classified as dangerous can also be made where the dog has bitten another domestic animal, resulting in that animal being killed or suffering serious bodily injury (requiring veterinary surgery under a general anaesthetic). If the dog was in any way provoked to attack then such an order will not be made.

An order for classification as a dangerous dog can also be made if the dog has a history of repeatedly attacking people without any provocation.

A dog which has been classified as dangerous must be neutered within 90 days and kept muzzled and leashed when in a public place. It must also wear a special collar to identify it. Failing to comply with these conditions for keeping a known dangerous dog may result in a fine of $25,000 or three months imprisonment.

C. Special arrangements for guide dogs

While taking dogs into licensed food premises and onto public transport is generally prohibited, such restrictions do not apply to guide dogs for the blind.