IX. Living and meal arrangements

A. Residence of the foreign domestic helper

Clause 3 of the standard Employment Contract provides that the foreign domestic helper shall reside in the employer’s residence. In other words, an employer cannot ask the helper to reside at another place even if the employer is prepared to pay for that.

If employers or helpers breach the undertaking that the helper would work and reside in the employer’s residence, such conduct will be taken into consideration in their future foreign domestic helper visa or extension of stay applications. The applications may thus be refused.

Besides, it is an offence to make false representation to Immigration Officers upon the application of domestic helper visa. Offenders are liable to prosecution and to a maximum fine of $150,000 and imprisonment for 14 years.

B. Food allowance

Since the foreign domestic helper will be living together with the employer, it is the employer’s duty to provide food free of charge to the helper. If no food is provided, the employer shall provide a food allowance to the helper. The current minimum food allowance is HK$1,053 per month.