E. Home Renovation Hardship Grant

For property owners who have applied for a Home Renovation Interest-free Loan and still have difficulty paying for the intended repair works, the Government may provide a Home Renovation Hardship Grant up to the maximum of $10,000 for each household.


Registered owners holding a Hong Kong Identity Card and belonging to the following categories are eligible to apply for a Hardship Grant:

  • Recipient of Old Age Allowance (OALA);
  • Recipient of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance;
  • Owner aged 60 or above or disabled, and holder of a Medical Fee Waiver Certificate; or
  • Owner aged 60 or above or disabled, and within the income and asset limits below:

Household Size

Monthly Income Limit

Asset Limit








The Grant

Once the government gives its approval-in-principle for the Home Renovation Interest-free Loan, individual owners of residential units who fulfil any one of the above eligibility criteria can apply for a renovation hardship grant up to $10,000.